Free Will

choices I saw this very interesting picture today on Facebook, and it got me thinking. I thought it was very interesting colorful picture with some interesting concepts. The bible tells of humans as the only beings created in the image of God; a fearful and wonderful made creation. This being the case, I can easily say that we are more superior as compared to the other creations. This superiority was even increased when Jesus Christ came and made a way through the Holy Spirit for us to be made the sons of the most high God; co-heirs together with Jesus Christ. We are able to cry “Abba Father” (Rom 8:1-17).  We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood for God to show His excellence. We are special in the eyes of God; we are the apple of His eye.

Now that we have establish  this reality, lets focus on this special gift God gave us; free will. I believe we are the only creatures given free will. We get to choose. we get to choose to believe the truth according to the word of God or the lies of the enemy. We get to choose life or death. We get to choose to be hot or cold in our relationship with God. I realize that not everyone sees things through the “black and white” lens; however, in the kingdom of God its more of white or black; cold or hot; there is neither grey, warm nor any in-between. I know, right! Anyway, back to the free will. Aren’t you happy that God didn’t create us to be His puppets. I can’t imagine being controlled and manipulated. If right now, even with people exercising their free will, we somehow find ways to blame God, can you imagine what would have been if we didn’t have any free will. I’ll leave it there; food for thoughts.

As I am writing this I am being reminded that God wanted a relationship. He wants us to choose to love Him, and not feel obligated to love Him. Holy Spirit is painting a picture that of a person in a relationship with someone they chose, and HE is contradicting it with that of a someone in a relationship where he/she is forced into it. HE is giving an example that of a lady who is kidnapped and sold to be a sex slave. Even though her “owner” enjoys her in relations, she will always feel defiled, and used. According to her, she doesn’t have a say entirely; rather it’s an act done to her without her consent. In other words there is no mutual agreement. She will always see herself as a toy. This picture gives me a sick, sick, sick feeling.

Another picture is that of a man taken captive and forced to work without a pay or with minimum pay. in other words, slaves working for their masters. Although they will do all the work to a T, they wouldn’t be doing it because they want to; rather, it will be out of their obedience to the rules and regulations given to them by their master.

God is not a taskmaster nor a slave master, He is an awesome, awesome God. I am somehow getting a glimpse as to why the angels cry Holy, Holy, Holy, is God Almighty (Isaiah 6:3, Rev 4:8). He is surely holy. God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego is Holy. I am overwhelmed by His beauty. He is fairest of them all. He is the lily of Sharon.

Let me wrap-up real quick. There are three types of will: Free will; perfect will; and permissive will. We naturally have the free will; however, its in us exercising the free will that we get to choose between the other two. When we fail to wait on God like Abraham, we end up with Ishmael; permissive will (Gen 15-16), or in the case of Israel, king Saul; permissive will (1 Samuel 8). It’s almost impossible to have both perfect and permissive will at the same time.

Abraham finally was given Isaac, the perfect will of God for his life; Israel, Jesus the king of Jews. You see, God is so great, He gives chances to go back and choose His perfect will. God whose throne is heaven and His footstool is the earth is surely Holy, There is no thing wrong or bad or malice, or devilish in Him. He is beautiful, purely beautiful.

I just realized that this article is a continuation of an article I wrote awhile back on the same subject. I’ll post it on my next post (Probably update it). The original text can be found in the “Arise Team Christ” page on Facebook. “Ispiring and Uplifting Gospel Songs” group on Facebook. Please if you are on Facebook, and you would like to get notified when something new get published, you can like, and, or share our page “Arise Team Christ” on Facebook. You can also ask to join “Ispiring and Uplifting Gospel Songs” group.

Love and Blessings

Gertrude T.


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