Hello its me again, Happy new year 2016. If you are reading this, you made it. Congratulations, that’s means you still have an assignment here on planet earth. So anyway, today I had this  glorious revelation and I am going to share here too. As I was worshiping, Holy spirit drop in my spirit the phrase “Unless God sought the man, man can not seek Him”, and as I continue listening, a Holy fear came over me. I couldn’t help but search my heart. I have already shared on Facebook, so here is the copy. 
“No one can go to Jesus Christ unless the father makes it possible for them to do so” (Jn 6:65b). I can’t help but tremble at this revelation. The bible talks of many falling away from the faith, and I am thinking it is already happening. It did in time of Jesus “Because of this, many of Jesus’ followers turned back and would not go with him anymore” (Jn 6:66). It’s happening right now. I hear everywhere people claiming that the church of Jesus Christ is joke; Christianity is a joke. To those who claim to have tried Christianity and it didn’t work, it’s a joke because they were never sons to begin; they were under some religious spirits. It reaches a time where miracles, signs and wonders don’t cut it, and the only thing that can keep you going is your Sonship.
People with farm experience will totally get it when I say weed and wheat normally looks alike growing. The only difference that can help differentiate between the two in their early stage is their aromas; this is before they bear fruits. And whenever a farmer wants to get rid of weed there is a chemical that He can choose to use instead of pulling them out one by one. And although the chemicals will come in contact with both the crop, and the weed, it’s the weed that will die; fall away.
So let’s not confuse a weed with wheat, one will finally end up in a burn and one in a barn. Don’t mistake the religious spirit and strange fires with Holy Spirit. There are those who will shake, roll, speak in other tongues, perform miracles, signs and wonders but they are simply weed; green and shining like the wheat. It’s only the true sons who never weaver or quit even when they go through fire, for there is always a fourth man in the fire, God Himself, and instead of them coming out burnt or smelling like smoke, they always come out with sun on their skins, and as a result God is declared to be the one and only God to be worshiped. If you didn’t get anything I just said, take this one concrete fact; God is real, alive, and He has sons who are His ambassadors here on earth. May God pop your eyes open as He pops mine to this glorious truth.
Love and Blessings your way
Gertrude T.

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