“The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want”(Psalms 23:1).

the_lord_is_my_shepherd_i_shall_not_want_pillow-r4e9cff96a07f47c4bc1cde091c2a0c7c_6s309_8byvr_512On my way to work yesterday, I kept thinking that if God is my all in all, then I shall not want. Initially, my first thoughts were along the lines of ” I will never lack anything good in this life”. However as I continued meditating, and imagining how I will never ever lack anything good, Holy Spirit brought into my attention that its more deeper than what I was imagining. (Well, its true His thoughts are way higher than our thoughts; and that is why He is able to do exceedingly, above all we can ever think or imagine). He started showing me this in the sense of letting God to be my shepherd, and in return , He  will make me to lie down in green pastures (My initial thought; lacking nothing good). What really stroke my heart was Him “leading me beside still waters”. The bible talks of “… beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God” (1 Peter 3:4).

Still waters is figuratively quietness/gentleness as opposed to troubled waters. I kept asking Him to show me more, and what I realized is that the gentle/ quite spirit is attained only when our identity is established. Its only when we realize who we are in Christ, then all the turmoil of this life are quitted. He leads us beside still waters….

So, this means that His sheep wouldn’t be among those sheep who runs after what is trending. They trust their shepherd to make them lie down in green pastures. Well, after you’ve been in this planet a few years, you learn quickly that not everything that looks green is green. In other words, not everything that is trending is good.

I am extending an invitation to you today to be still and know that HE is God. Trust your shepherd today. He has the best of interest for your life. Its so much sweeter to trust in Jesus. Taste, and see that He is good. His promises are yes and amen. Build your life on the solid rock, and when music fades, and all is stripped away you will be found safe in hands of Grace.

Shalom be with you

Love and Blessings!

Gertrude T.









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