growupI used to admire adults in my life growing up . Honestly, I thought being an adult was so cool. I used to check daily if I grew taller by trying to look outside through the kitchen window without standing on a seat. it was a big deal! I saw adults do whatever they wanted to do  without getting permission from their parents. They were responsible for their lives. I didn’t realize that the grownups didn’t look for the responsibilities, the responsibilities came naturally to them. Well, now that am older, I have realized that no one goes around looking for responsibilities.

In the animal kingdom, when a cub grows, it is left to be responsible for its survival. When an eagle sees that its eaglet is due to fly, it stirs up the nest to create the environment for the eaglet to learn how to fly. Responsibilities. The cub has to be responsible enough to get its own food, and maybe feed the younger ones, and the weak ones. On the other hand, eaglet has to fly at some point, get its food, and teach the younger ones how to soar.

You might be wondering where I am heading. Well, what we see in the natural is a reflection of the spiritual world.  “Let it be done in earth , as it is in heaven“; “I only do what I see my father do“; “Jesus the first fruit”  etc.  I do realize that sometimes, alignment has to take place. Topic for another day.

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me” (1 Cor 13:11 ). Paul is not talking about when he was literally a child, but rather he is talking about his spiritual growth. When you are spiritually young, there is a way you talk, and perceive things. There are things that fascinates a young person, that an older individual finds it not appealing.

A mature believers attracts responsibilities, or should I say it automatically happens to them. I am not talking about roles or duties assigned, I am talking about being responsible. Being responsible for something is different from being a role player. Responsibilities are what I call assignments from God. No one assigns themselves an assignment. On contrary, you will find a young individual looking, and longing for responsibilities. Longing to be assigned something without realizing what the reality of what they are longing for entails.

Jehovah Roi, God who sees; The Omnipotent, Omniscient God is the one who gives out the assignments. The people who you never knew if they had your digits will be calling because they are directed to you by God. See, its only the mature who can be trusted with secrets. God who knows you better, knows what to assign you. When you see anyone doing the work, being responsible in their assignments, it’s not because they cried and begged for it, most of the time, truth be told, they wish they were the younger ones. Well, I guess responsibilities are not pretty after all. And that is why its given to the mature ones.

Advice to younger me: Be okay with being young, growth happens as you continue in this journey. When you grow up, you will realize that there is no such a big difference. Grace that you received when you were young, and the grace you will receive when you are mature is the same one grace from God. Enjoy your youth!

Shalom for today.

Love and Blessings

Gertrude T.


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