Diamonds and Destiny

      This morning on my way to work I kept thinking about diamonds. Do diamonds as beautiful as they are can at times stand in the way to destiny. Apparently, there are some beautiful things that are not really beautiful as such. Anything that presumes beauty out of season is not beautiful. The bible talks of God making everything beautiful … More Diamonds and Destiny


Well , I guess since I am writing about transparency a good place to start will be for me to be transparent . So, what happened yesterday. For one, I remember coming home fully inspired. My head and hands were screaming “Get a pen, a paper, just a something to write on”, and what did I end … More Transparency

Gratitude Attitude

There were days I didn’t quite comprehend what God was doing, and I would find myself kicking and screaming; but, over time I  learnt to simply look up and acknowledge the creator of heaven and earth even in the midst of storm. I have learnt that God is still God, HE has never changed, and He will … More Gratitude Attitude